On these pages you can immerse yourself in the world of analog photography. But be warned: You need time to photograph. If you do not have the time, you’ll have to take snap shots ;-)
  • Learn more about JOBO history.
  • Get to know selected JOBO partners.
  • Find out which products we particulary value and recommend.
In our analog photo studio with 120 sqm and a darkroom with 5 enlargers, you can take part in exciting workshops and expand your own expertise under expert guidance.

Highest accuracy for film and image development.

The one-time development was applied in the JOBO devices and gave thousands of professional and hobby photographers around the world security for a high quality level, because the requirements of the film and chemical manufacturers could be met 100%. In fact, the JOBO processors were even used by the well-known film manufacturers in the USA, Japan and Germany to control their own film manufacturing. A universal development system for flexible, creative work with every conceivable recipe.
Get real. Go analog. Go JOBO.

Photography - a synthesis of truth and beauty.

Under the JOBO artisan brand, I would like to promote the legacy of analog photography as a whole - and of course with the JOBO laboratory - but at the same time far beyond. Real photography from grain to grain - in color as well as black and white. Analog photography is superior to digital in that it shows and becomes perceptible: photography is not just data in the form of pixels, but a means of transport for emotion. A synthesis of truth and beauty.
Johannes Bockemühl
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